танго-каникулы в Хорватии, 8-13 Июня, 2006

танго в Хорватии

танго-каникулы в Хорватии, 8-13 Июня, 2006

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Tango Vacation to the Dalmatinian Adria ? 8th to 13th of June 2006
featuring Homer Ladas (San Francisco) and Gaia Pisauro (Berlin)

This vacation is organized by Saska Domic and Thomas Rieser. Saska, born in Croatia, has known our Guest-givers since early childhood. Since
2005, she has been creating a Tango Scene in Split. There's a growing
number of enthusiasts, who are looking forward to sharing the joy of
dance with us.

The journey to Croatia will lead us to the beautiful city of Split, home
to the oldest historical center of Europe. The entire old town is standing remains of an ancient Roman capitol. Saturday night we will celebrate the first open air Milonga ever to be danced in this magical place.

Our accomodation ? a fully equipped home, including kitchen, living
room and private beach ? lies a mere twenty-minute boat ride away
from Split, on the island of Ciovo. Our host, Saska's cousin, a
fisherman and captain, offers fishing and swimming trips to the
surrounding islands, some of which are only accessible by water.

Gaia Pisauro (Vita
<http://www.nou-berlin.de/html_en/nou_tango_tango%20vacation.htm#Gaia> )
and Homer Ladas (Vita
) will teach Refinement, Experimental and Exchange Sessions for
Beginners to Professionals. The village's brand new gym will serve as
our practice location. The instruction will not follow the traditonal
form, but will focus on the participants themselves. Homer and Gaia will
give input regarding various themes, and then allow us plenty of
practice time, during which they will offer direct feedback to everyone
individually, following which we will recollect and they will give
further input and let us dance, dance, dance.

Direct flights exist from several European cities (e.g.:
http://www19.germanwings.com/). We recommend early booking as flight
prices may rise quickly.

Including Accomodation, Classes and Airport Shuttle
Before March 15th: 235 Eur
After March 15th: 255 Eur
The house has 11 Doubles, as well as the possibility of sleeping under
the stars in the private garden. In the case that all rooms are booked,
we can offer further accomodation in the neighboring area.
Maximum number of participants is 30.

For more information phone Thomas at +49.(0)30. 53 66 06 07 or 0179/ 949 27 61, oder per Email: post@nou-berlin.de.

Saska: www.adriatango.com <http://www.adriatango.com/>

Vita Homer Ladas

Homer Ladas is an inventive enthusiast of the popular "New Tango" school
while also reflecting the traditional roots of the dance. In his 10th
year of tango obsession and fifth year as a full-time teacher, Homer
continues to grow and discover new ways to create a positive class
environment where small epiphanies occur in his students all the time.
He focuses on a fusion of open & close embrace tango ideologies...while
emphasizing the social aspects of connection, musicality, and
floorcraft. As a social dancer or in performances, his creative energy
and utter joy of tango dance is simply beautiful to watch. Homer is
committed to helping dancers discover that tango is more than just
steps, and that everyone holds within them a creative voice to share
with their partners.

Homer also enjoys and works hard at dj'ing both traditional and
alternative tango mixes... In addition, he is also a founding member of
the non-profit group Project Tango which endeavors to promote tango as a
social dance and evolving art form in our world culture while building &
maintaining individual & community integrity, balance, & respect. On his
free time, between teaching, dj'ing, practicing, social dancing, and
organizational work, Homer practices his bass, cross-trains, and most
importantly, spends time with his most amazing wife Cristina. Sometimes
he sleeps...

Homers Homepage: www.organictangosf.info

Cada accion de mi vida es un puente hacia algo.
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