Словения, танго марафон, 15-19 августа 2007

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Словения, танго марафон, 15-19 августа 2007

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here is the information about our (informal) 100-hour tango marathon in ‚a beautiful Mediterranean setting' on the Slovenian Karst between 15-19 August 2007. In case some of you happen to be on holidays in the region at the time – you are most welcome to join us!

100 hours of fanKARSTic tango


The name says it all: a 100-hour tango marathon at the Slovenian Karst.

For those who do not know yet: Karst is a geographical region covering
southwestern part of Slovenia and northeastern part of Italy, famous for
ist caves, sub-mediterranean climate and

vegetation, wind-dried ham, wine called teran and being the home of
Lipizzan-breed horses.


Starting on Wednesday, 15 August 2007 at 16:00 hours and ending on
Sunday, 19 August 2007 at 20:00 hours (but you can join us for any time
period in between).

Please register by 31 July 2007 by email(100ur.tanga@ gmail.com
<mailto> ) or phone: Andreja (+386 41

810 640), Alja (+386 31 328 443) or Saљo (+386 41 791 758).


At the Youth Hostel Pliskovica (www.pliska. org) in a lovely Karstic
village of Pliskovica. It lies close to the Italian border. The Adriatic
seaside is a 20-minute drive away.

How can the hostel be reached by international travellers? Check the
flight connections to the following airports: Ljubljana, Trieste,
Venice, Venice-Treviso, Villach, Klagenfurt, or less

convenient but still possible Graz, Maribor, Zagreb or Rijeka. The
closest railway station is Sezana and lies on the line between Ljubljana
and Venice. Let us know if you need any further assistance with finding
a good connection. We might even have a participant from the city you
are flying to with whom you could possibly share a lift.


The event will be kept small and friendly. Most participants will come
from Slovenia, but some visitors from abroad are expected (Italy,
Austria, Croatia, Germany, France, Russia, the U.S. and the Netherlands,
possibly also Poland, Denmark, Finnland, Scottland, Switzerland and
Sweden). Help us expand the list. J


Simple: dancing as long as our feet and our hearts last. When we get
hungry, we will start thinking about the food (the hostel has a kitchen
we may use, and there are a couple of restaurants

and a small grocery store in the village). The sleeping part will have
to be improvised as well: junkbeds, group bedrooms, own sleeping bags
and mats, possibly camping in our tents outside.

Andreja, Alja and Saљo are not the organisers of the marathon, but
merely the initiators of the idea. We will only make sure that music is
played for the 100 hours. We also stress that no professional dancefloor
should be expected: the hostel's common room with stone tiles will
be turned into our dancefloor.

In order to remain sane despite tango, we not only allow for but also
encourage the non-tango related activities, such as the degustation of
the typical regional wine kraљki teran and home-made prosciutto
(wind-dried ham); aquarell painting; karst landscape photography;
volleyball; cycling; salsa course; a short trip for a swim in the
Adriatic sea; guitar playing and singing.. In short, whatever our hearts
wish for can be done on a principle 'think of it and help to make it

We also recommend you to bring along your favorite tango music. During
the night hours we will provide undisturbed pleasure for the ears and
feet (DJ Irina and DJ Marco are already with us!), while during the day
we would like to practice musical democracy.

How much does it cost?

The marathon itself costs nothing.

A sleeping spot at the hostel including breakfast ranges between 11 and
15 euro per person per night, depending on the number of registered
participants and the type of bed (junkbeds or

sleeping mats in a group bedroom or in a double bedroom, using own
sleeping bag or hiring the hostel bedsheets, camping in own tents etc.)

The entrance fee for daily visitors is 11 euro per person, payable
directly to the hostel upon your arrival.

Eating and drinking arrangements will be made either individually or
spontaneously together at the spot.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Pliskovica!

для связи и уточнений: Andreja Tomsic - tangokranj@yahoo.com

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