танго уикенд в Загребе и Любляне, 17-18 ноября

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танго уикенд в Загребе и Любляне, 17-18 ноября

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Marko Capeta <mcapeta> wrote:

Dear Friends:

With great joy I announce a tango weekend you may consider attending: in Zagreb and Ljubljana in a month time.

If any of you may like the idea of checking out emerging tango places, of enjoying a quiet autumn weekend in not all that uninteresting mitteleuropaischen cities of Ljubljana and Zagreb, and of contributing to growing tango developments in the two countries, for us it will be a great privilege to have you.

Here is the program in brief:

Friday 17.11.
Tango concert in Zagreb
at ZKM, 8 pm,street Teslina 7

Silencio, orquesta tipica, will play. Christophe et Judith from Paris and Diego y Mecha will perform.
(I am sure you know Diego y Mecha. If you happen not to know Christophe et Judith, immediately drop anything you may be doing, and rush either to Zagreb that Friday, or Aux Neufs Billards Mondays in Paris.)

The concert, that will take place at one of the coolest city theaters, is aimed at mainstream (i.e. non-tango) audience. Tango is still in incipient stages in Croatia and we are hoping to boost its development with this event.

There will be a milonga after the concert. We cannot promise a great marathon-like dancing night of the sort that many of us enjoy most. However, in addition to local tangueros we expect groups of experienced (to great) dancers from Slovenia and Northern Italy, plus our performing couples and musicians... ..all in all we are looking forward to a nice milonga that should give boost to our incipient scene in Zagreb.

After party & milonga at lounge bar ©kola(Bogoviceva street).

Saturday 18.11.
Milonga at Kavacaj in Ljubljana
Here we are already talking serious tango.
Some of you may not know it, but Ljubljana has boasted quite a developed scene for a number of years. Many of you must have crossed groups of Slovene dancers at festivals in Mantova, Fivizzano, Sitges and the like.

Kavacaj is a regular monthly milonga with a few year tradition.
Usually it is simple and beautiful. This time, with live music by Silencio, en cuarteto, a performance by Diego y Mecha and a number of dancers coming from abroad, our Slovene colleagues expect it to be really great.
On Saturday and Sunday Diego y Mecha will hold stages in Ljubljana .

Might be worth exploring?

Un abrazo a cada uno(a),

mcapeta@yahoo. com

As for logistics... .
- German Wings has convenient, cheap flights to Zagreb from Köln , Berlin , Hamburg and Stuttgart
- In addition to local Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways, all major carriers such as Lufthansa, KLM, Air France , Swiss, etc. have flights to Ljubljana and Zagreb
- Ljubljana is less than 5h drive from Munich , 2h from Venice , <1h from Trieste . For Zagreb add another hour and a half eastwards
- Train is an option
- One can find reasonable accommodation in both cities (I have used www.hotel.de in the past for both, but there are of course many ways to find it. We'll be happy to assist you.)

Finally check out what’s going on in Zagreb , while practicing Croatian and admiring our tango instructors Zrinko and Tajana’s beautifully designed site at www.tangoargentino. hr

Cada accion de mi vida es un puente hacia algo.
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